Zoll Kurtzman Long Blade Finger Rest Periotome Kit with Cassette

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  • Longer Blade


  • Finger Rests For Added Comfort and Control


  • Consists of both Kurtzman #1 and Kurtzman #2 Periotome


  • Titanium Coated To Ease Insertion & Preserve Sharpness!


  • Used to cut the attachment to the tooth during extractions


  • Far less traumatic than traditional extraction methods Periotomes allow the tooth to exit the bone occlusally thus eliminating the problems caused by lateral movement


  • Also help to lessen root fracture thus making for quicker and less problematic extractions


  • Have a slight flame shape to the head making them easier to insert than tradtional blunted periotomes


  • Made in the U.S.A.