Predictable Surgical Technologies offers a collection of dental and medical supplies for physicians, dental practitioners, and surgeons. Our selection of nylon sutures for sale includes a range of options from top brands such as Ethicon Inc., CP Medical, MYCO Medical, Surgical Specialties and more. Depending on your needs, we offer nylon suture sizes from Size 0 to Size 11-0. Browse our selection of non-absorbable nylon sutures below, or call our sales team for more information.

Nylon Suture Brands

These nylon sutures are made of non-absorbable synthetic material designed to aid dental surgeries, eye surgeries, and other delicate medical procedures. PST Shop offers competitive pricing on all major medical supply brands. 

  • Ethilon® sutures from Ethicon Inc. 

  • Monomid® sutures from CP Medical

  • Reli® Redilon™ sutures from MYCO Medical

  • Sharpoint™ sutures from Surgical Specialties

  • Other nylon suture supply brands such as Henry Schein Medical, McKesson Corporation, AD Surgical, Pro Advantage, Quala Dental Products 

Other Types of Sutures

Depending on your needs, PST Shop offers nylon suture alternatives using other synthetic materials such as silk sutures, polyester sutures, and more. Or browse our section on all sutures for a complete selection of suture material options.

Most nylon suture products featured in our shop also include strong and break-resistant suture needles included in the packaging. If you already have your preferred suture material, we also offer separate replacement suture needles.

For More Information

PST Shop makes buying medical supplies online a simple process. If you need any help choosing the right pediatric supplies, pricing consumer medical products, or anything else, contact us today and our medical supply company team will be happy to answer any questions you have.