TriPhasix Alginate Refill - 10 lbs (S402)

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  • Has micro-fine particles that create a smooth, glass-like surface that captures exquisite detail as small as 50 microns
  • Noticeably denser too, for greater dimensional stability, and resistance to desiccation distortion
  • Can delay pouring for several hours and still get an accurate model
  • When packed in a hermetically sealed container, a TriPhasix impression will maintain accuracy for several days
  • For ease of use, as you mix TriPhasix, the color shifts from deep pink to light pink
  • When the tray is ready to seat in the mouth, the material turns white, taking the guesswork out of preparation
  • Delivers a super-smooth impression
  • Convenient color-changing formula
  • Pleasant French Vanilla flavor


  • (2) Complete Containers
  • (2) Extra Sets of Measuring Scoops
  • Flat-base scoop for powder
  • Round-base scoop water