Miltex 3.0X Magnifying Loupe Featuring Short Working Distance with Red Frame

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  • Ideal optic for individuals who have worked with a 2.5x magnification power optic and want to step up in power
  • The 300 series optic will provide a magnified view of approximately 3.0 times the object size
  • Provides a view of the entire quadrant of the mouth and has an excellent depth of focus
  • 3.5" Short Field of View - The size of the area seen through magnification loupes
  • Working Distance of 10" to 13" (254mm to 330.2mm)
  • Clinicians appreciate a wider field of view because it is easier to adjust when shifting from the naked eye to the loupes and it may reduce eye fatigue
  • Field width is linked to the magnifying power of the loupes – the higher the power, the smaller the field
  • With Set and Forget™ Optics, you do not have to be individually measured to get a custom fit
  • Miltex® Optics allow you to set your interpupillary, convergence and declination angle for perfect optical alignment
  • The optics are quickly and easily locked into your individual setting so your loupes are always perfectly aligned