Universal 25k Internal Water Scaler Insert (DUI25)

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  • Tackle all scaling demands with reliability and comfort
  • All-metal Ultrasonic Inserts are precision-crafted with durable stainless steel one-piece grips
  • Built to last, these inserts will not crack or leak
  • Fully autoclavable
  • Specially designed for ease of handling and improved comfort
  • Features a silicone muffle to significantly diminish noise
  • Has been thoroughly tested as part of Parkell’s rigid quality control process to assure consistent frequency, tip oscillation and water flow
  • Compatible with most other scalers
  • Features:

    • Benefit: Strong and durable
    • Specialty: Basic supragingival scaling (limited use interproximally and subgingivally)
    • Primary Use: For moderate to heavy deposits
    • Power: Any
    • Grip: Our original metal grip. Over its 31mm of length the width tapers in diameter from just over 10mm to 6mm
    • Unique silicone muffler reduces noise
    • Fully autoclavable
    • Focused irrigant delivery gets the coolant precisely where it’s needed
    • Parkell’s quality-control process assures spot-on frequency, tip oscillation and water flow
    • Rugged, stainless steel, one-piece grips that will never crack or leak