Soft-Grip Universal 30k Scaler Insert (DSG30U)

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  • Features soft silicone grips that insulate your hand from vibration and heat transfer
  • Precision-crafted
  • Built to last
  • Provides quick and easy debridement without causing you or your patient any discomfort
  • For use in 30KHz Parkell or other compatible scalers
  • Benefits:

    • First generation ergonomic soft grip has a vinyl casing that provides extra cushioning
    • Gentle contour of the diameter between 10 and 11mm helps make you aware how close you are to the end without looking as you move your fingers up and down the grip for access to different parts of the mouth
    • Strong and durable
    • Specialty: Basic supragingival scaling (limited use interproximally and subgingivally)
    • Primary Use: For moderate to heavy deposits
    • Power: Any
    • For use in Parkell’s 30KHz and 30KHz compatible scalers.
    • Focused irrigant delivery gets the coolant precisely where it’s needed.
    • Parkell’s quality-control process assures spot-on frequency, tip oscillation and water flow.