Tri Auto ZX2+ Endodontic Handpiece & Apex Locator (24K352ENG)

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  • New generation reciprocating drive, OGP2
  • Greatly reduces the chance of a file breaking in the canal
  • Innovative motor can be used for patency, glide path, and shaping, allowing you to finish treatment safely and in less time
  • No limits on file size or cutting direction, your current file system is compatible


    OGP2 (Optimum Glide Path 2)
    • OGP2 dramatically reduces the chance of breaking files due to its new and innovative reciprocating motion. Notoriously difficult patency by hand filing can now be achieved by an endo motor
  • OTR (Optimum Torque Reverse)
    • Features the innovative OTR mode for shaping that combines the cutting efficiency of continuous rotation and the safety of reciprocation
    • When the load on the file exceeds the set value, the device rotates counter-clockwise at a fixed angle, contributing to shorter treatment times while reducing the possibility of file breakage
    • You can also modify the angles for cutting and reversing freely to suit your needs


  • (1) Handpiece
  • (1) Contra Angle
  • (1) Charger
  • (1) AC Adapter
  • (1) Power Plugs
  • (1) Battery (pre-installed)
  • (1) Guide Bur
  • (1) Probe Cord
  • (1) File Holder
  • (3) Contrary Electrode
  • (1) Function Tester
  • (30) Handpiece Sleeves
  • (1) Maintenance Oil
  • (1) Spray Nozzle

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