Burnett Power-Tip 30k Scaler Insert (DTI30)

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  • Toughest insert on hard calculus
  • Mass is greater along the working portion of the tip, so it has more momentum when it hits the calculus and transfers about 70% more energy
  • Nothing works better than the Burnett when you are tackling flinty root calculus, interproximal accretions or amalgam overhangs
  • Long, slim tip allows it to reach deep pockets
  • Longer than a traditional slim insert and has a broader stroke
  • More robust than a slim insert
  • If needed, you can crank your scaler’s power to maximum with no problem
  • Benefits:

    • 70% more power—much greater power than a Universal or Perio insert.
    • Longer, slim design reaches into narrow spaces.
    • Robust enough to smooth plaque-trapping overhangs and remove proximal accretions and stubborn cements.
    • Specialty: Higher vibration compared to all other inserts when using maximum power level.
    • Primary Use: Moderate to extra heavy supra and subgingival deposits.
    • Power: Any