Pac-File™ Size 20 x 21mm Conform NiTi Rotary File with 0.04 Taper - 6/Pack (FFC210420)

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  • Made of premium super-elastic American Nickel-Titanium alloy
  • Ideal for simple straight canals and calcified canals
  • Also ideal for removing gutta-percha
  • Can be pre-bent
  • Great for navigating challenging curves in the apical region
  • Have a constant taper
  • Can be used with any canal shaping techniques for constant tapered files
  • Made of proprietary treated USA nickel-titanium alloy
  • Does not have the spring back effect as regular NiTi files
  • Files stay more centered in the canal and conform better to the canal morphology reducing the risk of;
    • Straightening curved canals
    • Ledge formation
    • Transportation
    • Perforation
  • 490% more resistant to cyclical fatigue breakage
  • When too much torque is applied to them they start unwinding instead of snapping off as regular NiTi files typically do
  • Comparable to:
    • K3™
    • Vortex®
    • HyFlex®NT™
    • Endosequence®