Nordent Lucas #84 Surgical Curette

$47.39 - $49.09
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  • Spoons are 2.4mm wide
  • The terminal shank is angled at 50° and has a 20mm reach
  • Spoon shaped blades have an elongated radius
  • Used for debridement and curettage during surgical procedures
  • Hardened to the highest degree to maintain a long lasting sharpness around the spoon edges


  • Choice of 3 handles
    • DURALite® ColorRings™ Handle - 3/8”/9.5mm Diameter that has a gradual taper from the tip to the grip
    • DURALite® Round Handle - 3/8”/9.5mm Diameter which is extremely lightweight for maximum tactile sensitivity
    • Standard Universal Handle - 1/4”/6.4mm Diameter with a segmented knurled grip to provide excellent control