MadaJet XL Podiatry Needle-Free Injector (501)

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  • Needle free instrument which injects medication agents with virtually no pain
  • Provides instant local anesthesia or regional blocking for most podiatric procedures
  • Proven means of reducing fear and trauma associated with traditional needle and syringe injections
  • Minimizes tissue trauma and facilitates suturing as there is no tissue distention around the injection site
  • Provides adequate anesthesia for deep needle insertion
  • May be used with anesthetics, steroids and other medicaments
  • Has interchangeable Extenda Tips for easy sterilization between patients
  • Can be used on all age groups
  • Consistent depth of penetration of 4-5.5mm below the epithelium and makes a wheal at the base of the injection of 5-6mm in diameter
  • Consistent volume of 0.1cc per injection intradermally
  • Permits approximately 38 injections with single loading (to 4.0cc)
  • Injects local anesthetics and other medicaments for:
    • Palliative incurvated nails
    • Radical nail removal
    • Posterior tibial blocks
    • Plantar verrucae procedures
    • Dermatological procedures
    • Calcaneus spurs
    • Bursitis, etc.
  • May be sterilized by autoclaving or your usual sterilization process - do not use dry heat
  • Full one year warranty
  • Free shipping


  • Comes complete with:
    • MadaJet Instrument
    • Straight head assembly
    • (2) #400 Extenda Tips
    • 3/4" Sheaths
    • ME30 Wrench,
    • 507 Holder,
    • (3) Pyrex Fill Chambers,
    • (3) Stylets
    • MadaCide-FD 
    • Custom case
Full one year warranty

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