Digital Chair Scale with WIFI (DS8150-WIFI)

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  • Carefully designed to provide a digital chair scale that is easy to move and operate


  • It’s a perfect scale for weighing patients in a hospital, long term care facility, or a physical rehab center


  • The strong steel frame provides a very durable chair scale that can weigh patients up to 550 pounds and display the weight on an easy to read LCD display


  • The maneuverable chair scale can be rolled to the patient, and easily and safely locked in place, to weigh the patient


  • The four full swivel wheels feature a convenient locking mechanism


  • To secure the wheel, simply press down on the locking arm


  • To release the wheel, press down on the release arm


  • Most chair scales on the market today have only two locking swivel casters, we’ve put them on all four corners to ensure the safety of the patient and ease of movement in tight spaces


  • The anti-tip bar on the bottom of the foot rest arm, prevents the patient from accidently tipping the chair scale forward while seated and leaning too far forward or when they enter or exit the scale


  • The large foot rests can be folded up and out of the way when the patient enters and exits the scale…and folded down when the scale is used to weigh the patient


  • With the patient’s feet on the foot rest, an accurate weight is ensured


  • With a seat measuring almost 22” wide, this DS8150 can still easily fit through any doorway


  • The padded arm rests fold up and out of the way to allow patients to slide on to the scale from the side from a bed or wheelchair


  • The arm rests can then be folded down for the patient’s safety


  • The weight results and BMI calculations are displayed on the scale’s weight indicator 1” tall LCD display


  • The indicator is mounted on swivel bracket on the back of the chair


  • The scale is powered by the included six AA batteries which last for over 85,000 weighments


  • The scale’s electronics has an adjustable automatic shutoff timer to extend the battery life


  • The remaining battery life is shown in the upper right hand corner of the LCD display


  • The DS8150 can also be powered by the included AC adapter


  • EMR Ready and data can be transmitted via either the included USB or RS-232 ports