Dentatus Profin Starter Kit with Contra/Angle Handpiece

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  • For shaping, contouring and polishing natural dentition and cosmetic restorations with easy access and flexibility
  • The contra/angle handpiece works with Lamineer® diamond tips, which move in a reciprocating 1.2 mm stroke
  • Tips are safe-sided to prevent ditching or damaging adjacent surfaces
  • Tips can rotate freely to follow natural contours or be fixed for controlled detailing and shaping
  • When used in place of finishing strips in a free floating mode, the tips provide delicate control to shape and polish both the curved and flat surfaces to optimize esthetic form in the gingival, interproximal, facial and incisal areas
  • Starter Kit includes:
    • PDX E-type handpiece
    • 5 of the most common Lamineer Tips
      • LTA-150 red
      • LTA-S100 green
      • LTA-S50 yellow
      • LTA-30 white
      • LTA-36 black)
    • 20 Polishing tips
    • Instructions for use
  • Free Shipping

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