Brush&Bond Kit (S288)

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  • Easy-to-use, high-strength bonding agent
  • Applied in just three easy steps, Brush&Bond creates a durable, bonded, tripolymer shield that protects the tooth
  • Compatible with all light-cure, self-cure and dual-cure resin composites and cement materials for all direct and indirect procedures
  • Easy application all while doubling surface hardness of the prep
  • Low film thickness of < 5 microns
  • Unique hybrid network chemistry allows for the adhesive layer to enhance its durability over time creating a wear-resistant shield for the tooth
  • Bond strength to dentin assists in providing decades of zero post-op sensitivity


  • Renders the tooth acid-resistant
  • Permanently seals tubules to prevent post-op sensitivity
  • Guards pulp against harmful pathogens that penetrate leaky margins
  • Increases the hardness of the dentinal surface up to 10 times more than dentin coated with conventional bonding agents


  • (1) 3mL bottle of Dentin/Enamel Bonding Liquid
  • (100) Mini/Endo B&B Activator Brushes
  • Mixing Well