4.5mm Pro-Matrix Green Single-Use Matrix Band - 50/Box (19000)

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  • One-stop solution for clinically superior amalgam or composite restorations for use in all quadrants for every class
  • This quick and simple to use matrix system is also fully disposable to comply with cross infection protocols and save time and effort of assembling and sterilising
    • Fully disposable-single product system
    • Single product system - no assembly or application tools required
    • Circumferential band - can be used for MO/OD/ MOD/ Cusp replacements
    • High tension mechanism for better compacting
    • Easy contouring to tooth shape
    • Narrow front section for better visibility and patient comfort
    • Suitable for all quadrants
    • Suitable for use with all restorative materials
    • Suitable for use with all wedges and rubber dams