SweepZone® 1000 Ultrasonic Cleaning System with Timer & Drain (AG918)

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  • Operates with a special cleaning wave of +/- 2KHz energy that literally sweeps back and forth throughout the ultrasonic tank
  • Incorporates Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), which enables the machines to sense cleaning loads, solution levels and voltage fluctuations
  • Automatically adjust to different conditions in order to create more uniform cleaning power by eliminating hot spots and weak areas in the tank
  • Results in unsurpassed cleaning performance with every application
  • User friendly digital touch pad controls make it easy and convenient to set any of the five preset timer settings from a range of six to sixty minutes
  • Durable stainless steel housing and tank are corrosion resistant and long lasting
  • With Timer, Drain, and Stainless Steel Cover
  • Tank Capacity: 11.62 Gallons/44.0 Liters
  • Tank Internal Dimensions: 14" (L) x 16" (W) x 10" (D) - 35.6cm (L) x 40.6cm (W) x 25.4cm (D)
  • Overall Dimensions: 17" (L) x 19" (W) x 20" (D) - 43.2cm (L) x 48.3cm (W) x 50.8cm (D)
  • 2-1/2 Year warranty on parts & labor
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2-1/2 Year warranty on parts & labor