Sledgehammer Heat-Cure Clear Denture Acrylic Kit (1000481)

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  • Heat Cure
  • Clear
  • High impact, cross-linked, color stable denture base with excellent working properties
  • Compatible with most injection systems
  • Can be used with Sledgehammer 20 Minute Monomer for shortened cure time
  • Does not contain gluten
  • Great bond strength makes it perfect for relines and repairs using the salt and pepper or dough technique
  • A high quality, cadmium free acrylic offered at a significant savings
  • Overnight or short cure flexibility
  • High impact resistance – ensures against breakage
  • Color stable – no blanching, bleaching or streaking
  • FDA-compliant quality system


  • 25 lbs of Powder
  • 1 Gallon of Liquid