Red Dot™ 4cm x 3-1/2cm ECG Snap Electrode - 600/Case (2560-3)

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  • Adhesive foam-tape backing and proprietary sticky gel ensure excellent skin contact
  • Diaphoretic
  • Fluid Resistant
  • 1.60" x 1.36" / 4cm x 3-1/2cm
  • Remains fresh for 45 days out of the bag
  • High performance adhesive offers instant adhesion and up to five-day wear with excellent patient skin care and comfort
  • Sticky gel delivers excellent trace quality resulting in better patient information
  • Smaller size electrode is easier to place, and minimizes skin irritation for better patient comfort

Suggested Applications

  • ECG monitoring
  • For applications requiring high adhesion
  • For hospital-wide use; especially suited for the ER, OR and Catheter Lab or ICU and Paramedics


  • 3 Electrodes per Pack
  • 200 Packs per Case