O'Hehir 7/8 Millennium Curette with Orca Black Handle (R152)

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  • Unique scoop blades that cut a 270 degree perimeter
  • Push, pull in any direction
  • Three dimensional scaling and root planing
  • Allows clinician to reach areas missed by traditional curette blades
  • Perfect for flutings, furcations and line angles
  • Designed for access and effectiveness
  • No tissue trauma
  • Highest quality 440A stainless steel
  • Unique heat treat and cryogenic formula
  • Passionate Purple Handle
  • Ultra light, solid resin handle
  • Ultimate tactile sensitivity
  • Color-coded for faster recognition and set-ups!
  • Sharper, harder, tougher blades
  • Holds edge longer, needs less sharpening
  • Longer instrument life
  • Continuous curve of blade adapts to tooth
  • Comfortable large diameter handle
  • Exclusive extended knurling
  • Superior control and torque
  • No torque on your hand since blade immediately adapts to tooth
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Orders ship typically within 24 hours