NovaBone® Dental Putty in 0.5cc Tray (NA0610)

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  • 100% Synthetic and fully resorbable
  • Uni-dose syringe delivery method allows clinician to clearly see how much bone graft is being used
  • Composed of calcium phosphosilicate (CPS) particles in a bimodal size distribution combined with a polyethylene glycol and glycerine binder
  • The binder improves handling and aids in maintaining the space between the particles, which facilitates revascularization after implantation
  • Unlike most synthetic grafts that are only osteoconductive, bioactive NovaBone® Dental Putty also has an "osteostimulative" effect
  • The cartridges simplify dispensing of the graft, especially in hard-to-reach areas, thus facilitating minimally invasive techniques
  • Pre-mixed, cohesive, moldable, and adaptable
  • Uni-dose cartridges and cartridge delivery system simplify bone graft handling and delivery
  • 100% synthetic and resorbable Calcium Phosphosilicate dental putty
  • Osteostimulatory effect of material results in stimulation of osteoblast proliferation
  • More than 20 years of international clinical use and more than 50 scientific publications on file

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