Montana Jack® Rigid Scaler with Sunshine Yellow Handle (R138R)

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  • All the great features of the Montana Jack®, with a thicker shank and blade to withstand more pressure, with less flexibility
  • Great for tough debridement, cement removal, and interproximal carving
  • Has the perfect contra-angle for the most optimal adaptation
  • Practicing clinicians report it accesses throughout the posterior region with less ergonomic stress and optimal patient comfort
  • Durable sickle blade features a perfect contra-angle for the most versatile posterior adaptation of any sickle scaler
  • Ideally weighted
  • Featuring the most ergonomic handle with knurling to the instrument shank to provide increased comfort with less hand fatigue and pinch
  • Sunshine Yellow Handle
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • This item typically ships within 24 hours