Molnlycke Size 6 Biogel® PI Micro Indicator® Polyisoprene Underglove

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We are awaiting fulfillment by the manufacturer with no definite timeline. If you are a healthcare worker and would like to be wait-listed for this item, please call John at (859) 586-1211

  • A thinner synthetic glove, specifically designed to enhance tactile sensitivity while double-gloving
  • Blue
  • Sterile
  • Oowder-free
  • Synthetic surgical glove that can be worn alone or with any Biogel® overglove to create a colored puncture indication system
  • Typically 20% thinner than Biogel® PI Indicator® Underglove, the Biogel PI Micro Indicator Underglove is designed for improved tactile sensitivity


  • Available by the box or case
    • 50 Pairs of gloves per box
    • 4 Boxes per case