Maxcem Elite Chroma Universal Resin Cement - Clear Shade - Bulk Pack (36299)

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  • Features a Color Cleanup Indicator that fades from pink to the cement shade at the gel state to indicate the optimal window of time to clean up excess cement
  • Compatible with all indirect restorations including ceramics, PFMs, metal restorations, and CAD/CAM materials
  • Pink color will disappear after both self-cure and tack cure, allowing for maximum flexibility in its use
  • Enhanced bond strength
  • Easy identification on X-rays
  • Dual barrel automix syringe system supplied with single-use automix tips and optional curved dispensing tips allow user to deliver desired volume of cement directly into restoration and/or tooth preparation
  • One-peel cleanup ensures easier cleanup each and every time
  • No need to refrigerate


  • (4) 5g Clear Dual Syringes
  • (16) Pink Regular Automix Tips
  • (8) Pink Wide Automix Tips
  • (8) Intraoral Tips
  • (8) Root Canal Tips
  • (1) Instructions for Use
  • (1) Technique Guide