LOCATOR® Root Starter Kit (08011-M)

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  • Contains everything you need to begin root retained overdenture procedures in your practice

  • Leverages the natural tooth root for the retention of overdentures or removable partial dentures
  • Stabilizes a partial denture without the use of metal clasps for improved esthetics and retention and preserves the health of remaining teeth
  • Faster, less costly than implant retained overdentures for qualified patients
  • Patients more willing to accept treatment due to lower cost
  • Can help patient realize the value of a retentive device before fully committing or before they are fully edentulous
  • For patients with healthy tooth roots, LOCATOR ROOT offers patients a faster, less intimidating, more cost effective path to overdentures or removable partial dentures
  • One of the most costly and time consuming elements of an implant retained overdenture solution is the dental implant placement and osseointegration process
  • Many patients are afraid of extraction pain and dental implant surgery- LOCATOR Root helps remove these issues.
  • Does NOT require implants - lowering cost and eliminating osseointegration time
  • Innovative pivoting technology
  • Customizable levels of retention
  • Self-aligning design
  • Low vertical height
  • Exceptional durability
  • LOCATOR Root Female 0° Attachment Benefits
    • Treats Up To 40° angle of correction between attachments when using LOCATOR Extended Range inserts

Kit Contents: 

  • (4) LOCATOR 0 Degree Females
  • (2) LOCATOR Parallel Posts
  • (1) LOCATOR Pilot Drill
  • (1) LOCATOR Spotface Diamond Bur
  • (4) LOCATOR Male Processing Packs: 4
    • Each processing pack contains:
      • (1) LOCATOR Housing
      • (1) Extra Light Retention insert (Blue)
      • (1) Light Retention insert (Pink)
      • (1) Regular Retention insert (Clear)
      • (1) Processing Male replacement (Black)\
      • (1) Block out spacer

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