Instrument Set Up - B (MOHLB)

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  • Kit consists of the following items:
    • PST-MIL-7-4                      Curved Halsted Mosquito Forceps                                      12.7cm/5"
    • PST-MIL-6-123                   Adson Tissue Forceps with 1 x 2 Teeth & Tying Platform      12.1cm/4-3/4"
    • PST-MIL-5-2                      Straight O.R. Scissors with Sharp/Sharp Tips                      11.4cm/4-1/2"
    • PST-MIL-5-SC-290              Curved Ragnell SuperCut Dissecting Scissors                      12.7cm/5"
    • PST-MIL-8-42TC                 Mayo-Hegar TC Needle Holder                                           12.7cm/5"