Hygenic/TheraBand Black/Special Heavy Professional Non-Latex Resistance Band - 50 Yards/Box

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  • Help users rehabilitate injuries, improve functional living, enhance athletic performance, and makes measuring progress and achieving goals for fitness or therapy easy
  • Resistance bands are easy-to-use, convenient, portable, and are an effective alternative to free weights and weight machines
  • Can be used in the clinic, at-home, or on-the-go
  • Available in 8 color-coded levels of progressive resistance, giving at-a-glance documentation of progress from one level to the next and allows the user to progress as they get stronger
    • Tan - X-Thin
    • Yellow - Thin
    • Red - Medium
    • Green - Heavy
    • Blue - Extra- Heavy
    • Black - Special Heavy
    • Silver - Super Heavy,
    • Gold - Maximum
  • Ideal choice for latex-sensitive users as it’s not made from natural rubber latex