enCore® 70/30 Combination Allograft - 1.5cc (C73150)


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  • The first allograft particulate bone grafting product combining mineralized and demineralized bone in a single bottle
  • Already a popular combination among many specialists, enCore® leverages the complementary benefits of space-maintaining mineralized cortical bone with osteoinductive demineralized matrix to optimize the environment for the regeneration of vital bone
  • Mineralized cortical bone provides a slowly resorbing, 3-dimensional matrix for space maintenance during regeneration
  • Every lot of demineralized bone is tested twice to ensure osteoinductivity
  • Tissue is processed by Allotech, an FDA-registered and AATB-accredited tissue bank
  • Single donor per lot
  • Terminally sterilized by low-dose e-beam irradiation to a sterility assurance level of 10-6
  • Double-sterile packaged for aseptic presentation in the surgical field
  • 70/30 combination graft is pre-mixed to reduce inventory and reduce chair-side preparation
  • 0.25 mm - 1.0 mm Particle Size