Bionova® MiniBio Auto-Reader Incubator (MINIBIO)

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  • For incubation and readout of Rapid, Super Rapid or Ultra Rapid Biological Indicators
    • 3 metal positions (38 mm deep, 9 mm diameter) to incubate Rapid/Super Rapid/Ultra Rapid Fluorescence Readout Self-contained biological indicators
    • 1 ampoule crusher
    • Special hole for external thermometer
    • Incorporated top cap. Dual Temperature System:
      • Allows selecting between two different incubation temperatures (37ºC and 60ºC
      • USB connection for registering results in a PC through Reading and Traceability Software
      • Allows incubating 3 indicators simultaneously, in different incubation times, at the same temperature
      • Thermal Printer to record results
      • Sound alarm for event indicatio
      • Detection and automatic cancellation of the fluorescence reading of the biological indicator
      • Fluorescence reading wavelength: ~ 460nm
      • Firmware update by the user
      • Dimensions:
        • 180mm High
        • 154mm Wide
        • 105mm Deep
      • Voltage range: 100 – 240V
      • AC Power: 28W
      • Frequency: 50-60 Hz