AccuFilm Red/Black Articulating Film - 250 Sheets (S053)

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  • Incorporates the accuracy that dental professionals have come to rely on with the convenience of built-in handles
  • Built-in holders eliminate the need for forceps
  • Consistently produces sharp, easy-to-interpret marks
  • Simultaneous marking of both arches with its double-sided fil
  • Easily identify high contacts making for easier adjustments
  • Incredibly thin film for accurate exposure of high occlusal contacts
  • Works for a single-tooth or entire quadrant
  • For use on wet or dry surfaces


  • 50 Sheets per booklet
  • 5 Booklets

Using A Laser?

  • In the field of laser dentistry, many doctors use AccuFilm® for laser tip initiation
  • This "carbonization" of the tip partially prevents laser light from exiting the fiber, essentially turning the tip into a hot glass rod that is primed to vaporize the soft-tissue that it directly contacts
  • You simply move the flat surface of the laser's fiber tip across a piece of AccuFilm and this will effectively block the tip