18" x 14" Medium Thermotech Digital Moist Heating Pads - 6/Case

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  • Suitable for areas such as the arm, shoulder, elbow, and back
  • Digital moist heating pads, as opposed to dry forms of heat, draws moisture from the air and retains it in specially designed high-grade ceramic heating element cells and delivers that moist heat deep into your muscle tissue for maximum relief similar to a deep tissue or shiatsu massage
  • Heating pad is constructed from double stiched 100% premium grade durable corduroy with a soft plush flannel cover for ultimate durability and comfort
  • Has a state-of-the-art digital hand controller allowing the operator to precisely program the temperature and treatment time
  • Moist heat packs increases circulation and speeds recovery by bringing in fresh blood cells and taking away the wastes which may hinder healing
  • The moisture produced by the Thermotech Hot Pack transfers the high heat deeper into tissues than an ordinary dry heat pad
  • Convenient hand-held momentary switch, allows the user to maintain the highest temperature possible
  • Draws moisture from humidity in the air and retains it in the hot pack's outer flannel cover
  • The rapid heat rise, occurring when the hot pack is turned on, forces the moisture out of the flannel onto the skin, speeding temporary relief to the treated area
  • Increased blood flow can relieve the inflamed joints and help maintain flexibility
  • Relieves pain caused by muscle spasms . Rest and the Thermotech Hot Pack will gradually relax the muscle spasm, restoring its normal length and relieving pain
  • Premiere professional grade moist heating pad
  • Provides therapeutic infrared heat
  • Digital controls.
  • Automatic temperature control - select from 166, 150, 130, 113 degrees fahrenheit
  • Automatic time control (15, 30,45, 60 minute intervals) with auto shut off
  • On/off switch
  • Program memory
  • One year warranty