15mm x 20mm Cytoplast™ RTM Collagen Membranes with 2/Box (RTM1520)

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  • Type 1 Bovine
  • 2 Membranes Per Box
  • Long-lasting collagen membrane; resorption profile of 26-38 weeks
  • Soft handling but not flimsy
  • High tensile strength for stabilization, if necessary
  • Multi-layer construction; cell occlusive design Cytoplast™ RTM Collagen membranes are often preferred for their handling
  • Some collagen membranes are very flimsy, allowing ease of collapse into defects
  • On the other hand, some collagen membranes are very thick, stiff and difficult to place
  • Cytoplast™ RTM Collagen membranes are a happy medium - they easily drape over the ridge, but they are not so flimsy that they follow the shape of every defect
  • Cytoplast™ RTM Collagen is also popular for its long-lasting resorption rate