Sunstar Gum® Adult Technique® Deep Clean Toothbrush with Compact Head & Sensitive Bristles

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  • The upper 6mm of the bristle is tapered to a rounded 0.01mm end. Ordinary bristles have less than 0.5mm tapered to 0.02mm
  • Benefit: Cleans 2.8mm into the sulcus, along the gingival margin and interproximally to remove plaque and other bacteria
  • Bi-Level Bristle Design - The combination of bristles effectively clean below the gumline and exposed tooth surfaces
  • Angled Bristles - Designed to enhance interproximal penetration and cleaning by striking the surface in different direction
  • Patented Quad-Grip® Handle - Intuitively helps guide the hand to hold the brush at 45° in all quadrants so the bristles are properly positioned at the sulcus for optimal sub gingival cleaning