PDT Wingrove™ N128B/L5M Titanium Implant Scaler with Tangerine Dream Handle

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  • Designed for single implants, ball-locator implants, or bar-retained implants
  • One end is designed to debride the screw indentations of locator implants and for exposed threads using the shorter radius blade tip
  • the remaining end is designed to remove residual cement or to dislodge calculus under the Hader bar with short horizontal strokes
  • Ideally weighted
  • Featuring the most ergonomic handle with knurling to the instrument shank to provide increased comfort with less hand fatigue and pinch
  • Tangerine Dream Handle
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Ships directly to you from the PDT Factory
  • Orders ship typically within 24 hours