PacDent One File™ G Reciprocating File #30 Medium Green Gutta Percha Core Carrier Obturators + 1 x Verifier

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  • Designed to safely and efficiently shape canals in a reciprocating motion
  • Compatible with the same motor, handpiece and setting as WaveOne® Gold Files
  • Ideal for a wide range of canal morphologies
  • Calibration rings facilities setting working length
  • Works with your current obturation oven at the same settings
  • Easy to get great 3D fills for all canal types
  • ISO-sized system for compatability
  • Easy-to-use thermal obturators with a gutta percha carrier (GPC)
  • Made with alpha-phase gutta percha that provides excellent and precise fillings
  • Highly radiopaque and can be used in all popular heaters
  • All packs includes verifiers which makes precise sizing easy