Nordent Color-Coded SE WIlliams Periodontal Probe with DURALite® ColorRings™ Handle

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  • Used to measure periodontal pocket depth in millimeter increments
  • Made from spring-tempered stainless steel and machine ground to exacting tolerances
  • The millimeter measurements are precisely cut into the Probe tips
  • Color-coding is applied to probes under extreme temperatures so that the color penetrates the surface of the tip
  • Probe tips undergo additional tight-tolerance grinding to achieve the desired readability for each marking
  • All tips are then hand-formed into their final shape by expert craftsmen
  • 1-2-3-5-7-8-9-10 Markings
  • DURALite® ColorRings™ handle has a large 9.5mm/3/8” diameter and is designed to permit you to easily identify, organize and customize your instrumentation