Medical Taping for the Mature Adult Book Bundle (BKMA1-LT-BDL-95022)

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  • Hands-on book designed for general use
  • Intended for older active adults, their families
  • Also includes helpful applications for caregivers and their patients
  • Applications are explained as simply as possible so it will be easy for those that may have never tried Kinesio Tape or the Kinesio Taping Method to try these applications
  • Hope is that many will benefit from this book and be able to try Kinesio Taping to be released from pain, stay active or deal with the chronic conditions that come with aging
  • Book is 142 pages and fully illustrated with easy-to-understand step by step instructions for 27 taping applications
  • Applications are organized by relatable and real-life scenarios of mobility and discomfort issues