Hu-Friedy Lower Right Primary 2nd #6 Stainless Steel Primary Molar Crown - 5/Pack

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  • Stainless steel, pedodontic, primary molar crowns
  • Developed to deliver consistent, accurate and predictable clinical outcomes
  • Increased occlusal thickness prevents abrasion and perforation
  • Improved gingival contouring makes it easier for the clinician to manipulate and trim
  • Pre-trimmed and crimped, for quick and simple placement 
  • Accurate occlusal anatomy that mimics the natural tooth helps to avoid food retention
  • Ideal occlusal thickness, offering superior resilience to abrasion and perforation 
  • Soft, adaptable gingival margin and lateral areas for simpler and effortless trimming and crimping, if needed
  • Ceramic coating helps mitigate allergic reactions