Bovie DermaScout™ II Dermatoscope

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  • Efficient and dependable instrument for visualization of dermal lesions
  • Used to view, measure and monitor skin lesions, fungal infections, tumors, warts and other condition that may affect the epidermis of the patient
  • Hand-held magnifier has 6x magnification, LED illumination, with a dual scale (Eng./Metric) measuring reticle as well as an independent diopter to allow the user to focus at differing focal points
  • Features:
    • Magnification with 40mm top lens
    • Diopter focus control for sharp focusing
    • 40mm field of view (flat field)
    • 31mm working distance
    • LED illuminated with an array of 9 LED’s
    • More than 150 hours of battery power
    • Reticule with dual measuring scales: millimeters and inches
    • 20mm: 10 left of center/10 right of center
    • Measure in 0.1mm increments
    • Measure in 0.05 in. increments
    • Durable locking transport and storage case
    • Battery included (type: CR2, 3V)