bioXEN Mineralized Cancellous Xenograft Granules in 4cc Vial (OUSM4S)

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  • Naturally sourced bovine bone mineral
  • The unique manufacturing process of bioXen results in a bone grafting particulate with the crystalline structure of carbonate apatite, which is a structure similar to intact human bone
  • In addition, the manufacturing process of bioXen allows for a combination of a porous structure for vascular access with a roughened surface that is favorable to cell adhesion and subsequent bone matrix deposition
  • Benefits:
    • Osteoconductive scaffold is favorable to bone formation
    • Porosity of material allows for thorough revascularization
    • Particle structure helps to maintain space
    • Easy handling of material allows for precise graft placement
  • Indications:
    • Periodontal defects
    • Reconstruction of the alveolar ridge
    • Extraction sockets
    • Sinus elevations
    • Procedures involving guided tissue regeneration or guided bone