Unify 5-0 x 18" Rapid PGA Suture with PS-2 Needle - 12/Box

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  • A synthetic suture with a faster absorption profile and low infection rate
  • Provide best characteristics of both natural and synthetic sutures
  • Quick absorption and high tensile strength similar to natural collagen sutures (catguts)
  • Lower tissue reaction than catguts with no risk of toxicity
  • Ultra sharp needle point for atraumatic tissue penetration
  • Needle coated with silicone for smooth tissue passage
  • Predictable absorption profile
  • Thread type: Braided
  • Color: Undyed
  • Strength duration: 5-14 days
  • Absorb duration: 42-56 days
  • Needle Spec Comparable to: PS-2, FS-2, P-12