Sunstar Butler® Prophyciency™ Clean & Polish Prophy Angle with ButlerBloom™ Contouring Cup

$37.09 - $144.49
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  • With ButlerBloom™ Contouring Cup 
  • The only Prophy Angle that cleans and polishes without using paste
  • A smarter way to clean
    • No need to refill the cup
    • No paste splatter, no paste mess
    • Better visibility during cleaning
    • Patient does not have to rinse
    • Easier cleanup between patients
  • Now featuring ButlerBloom™ Contouring Cup designed to:
    • Clean and polish effectively interproximally, subgingivally and on all facial and lingual tooth surfaces
    • Adapt better to follow contours on all tooth surface
    • Transition easily from tooth to tooth
    • 78% of 959 patients who received a Prophyciency™ prophylaxis preferred a Prophyciency™ cleaning versus the traditional procedure
    • 71% of dental professionals that used Prophyciency™ felt that it would be “beneficial to my polishing procedure and patient care”


  • Available in 2 sizes
    • 50 Prophy Angles per box
    • 200 Prophy Angles per case