Size 9.0 Syntegra IR PF Polyisoprene Surgical Gloves - 100/Box (SIR900)

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  • Latex-free surgical glove made of synthetic polyisoprene
  • Free from latex proteins, this polyisoprene glove is manufactured with an innovative process that reduces the risk for sensitization
  • Can be used universally in all surgical applications, and is particularly recommended for emergency care, eye surgery, and pediatrics
  • Fully anatomical shape with curved fingers corresponds with the natural, relaxed hand position, which helps prevent hand fatigue
  • The multi-layer coating means that this glove can be donned easily and quickly in every situation, even when double gloving
  • Fully anatomical shape for reduced hand fatigue & exceptional fit
  • Safe boundary - conical shaft of glove is shaped to anatomy of the wrist so the beaded cuff provides a secure barrier against the surgical gown
  • Multi-layer polymer & chlorinated coating ensures exceptional comfort and ease of donning, wet or dry
  • Similar molecular structure to natural rubber latex for latex-like comfort from a non-latex glove
  • Micro-rough texture for superior instrument handling in wet environments
  • Beaded cuff for increased strength and protection
  • Size markings dried on to the cuff, so they are clearly identifiable size markings
  • Sterility indicator label on dispenser for confirmation of sterility