SimpliShade Bulk Fill Flow Composite - Unidose Tips - 20/Pack (37208)

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  • Intra-oral, light-cured, esthetic resin-based nanohybrid dental restorative that is designed to be used as a base or liner in Class I & II restorations; it must be overlayed with a composite
  • Indicated for base/liner under direct restorations, pit and fissure sealant, restoration of small cavities, Class III & V, blocking out undercuts, small core build-ups, & repair of resin and acrylic provisional restorations
  • Single-shade, bulk fill flowable composite
  • Features:
    • One step cure up to 4mm, before adding a capping layer
    • Simplified, one shade system
    • Adaptive rheological response technology
    • Adaptive color-blending response technology
    • Adaptive shrinkage stress response technology
  • Benefits:
    • Eliminates the need for curing in 2mm increments
    • Saves time & money not having to choose shades
    • Easy manipulation & sculpting, less rework
    • Mimics natural tooth structure
    • Reduces shrinkage stress during polymerization


  • (20) 0.25g compules
  • (1) Technique Guide