Beautifil II LS 0.25g Tips in A3 Shade - 20/Pack (Y2286)

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  • Indicated for all classes of restorations, I-V
  • Firm but easy handling
  • Stackable
  • Non-sticky universal composite that has been formulated to minimize polymerization shrinkage and resultant shrinkage stress
  • Superior durability and aesthetics
  • Ideal for both anterior and posterior restorations
  • Delivers predictable clinical efficacy and maximum performance characteristics
    • Award-winning handling – stackable and non-sticky
    • Polishes in an instant
    • Sustained fluoride release/recharge with bioactive Giomer technology.
    • Great strength and high wear resistance
    • Tooth-like aesthetics with natural fluorescence and chameleon effect
    • Low volumetric shrinkage (0.85%) and shrinkage stress (2.72 MPa)

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