MyDent Blue Molded Ear-Loop Mask - 50/Box

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We are sorry to inform you that due to overwhelming requests, this item is currently on backorder from the manufacturer. However, we expect to receive additional supplies with NO ETA!  However, we are willing to accept orders for this product so when it becomes available, we will automatically process your order and ship it to you.  We do not process credit cards or PayPal until the product ships, so you can be assured this is not a scam.

  • Innovative earloop design cone mask allows the user to wear the mask with loops around the ears instead of the back of the head
  • Have a non-latex elastic band
  • Designed for easy breathing
  • Highly pliable
  • Fluid resistant
  • Non-glare nosepiece
  • 99% + PFE & 99% + BFE
  • Level 1