Medicom Pink Level 1 Safemask® Freeflow™ Procedure Earloop Face Mask - 500/Case

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  • Breathe easy
  • Innovative contoured pleats create a unique pocket that allows air to flow freely
  • Ideal for those who feel claustrophobic in ordinary masks
  • See clearly - Unique fog-free strip is integrated into the adjustable nose piece to provide clear vision when wearing loupes or protective eyewear
  • Stay comfortable. Soft, strong, ultrasonically sealed earloops have ample length to prevent pulling and friction


Thank you for your patience and understanding since we are experiencing extremely high demand for our personal protection products, especially face masks!

If you purchased masks from us, thanks for your support!  here are 2 possible outcomes:

1.  We fulfilled your order - we are doing for many

2.  We have canceled your order - wish we had more products

We apologize to those people whose orders were canceled without prior communication, but we could not communicate with them since there were thousands of orders and even more e-mails and we needed to get everything under control to eliminate confusion and to avoid people thinking they were being scammed.

Keep in mind that your PayPal or credit card is never processed until the day the order is scheduled to ship.

We are very fortunate to report that we are still receiving face masks, usually on Wednesdays.  We have elected to refrain from pre-orders since it has left too many people trying to guess what to order.  Therefore, whenever new product is received, we will update the quantity section on line, so that you are able to place an order with confidence.  If you are able to place an order, your product should ship with 3 business days.

At this time we are ONLY shipping to U.S. destinations since we are not prepared to perform any international shipping

At this time we re ONLY shipping 1 case per order so everyone has an opportunity to obtain them

We not know what is coming on any given day - it's like your birthday, you never know what you're getting - so asking us is truly a waste of time!

As we gain additional information, we will update the web site, since we want to be able to keep our supporters informed.

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we try to meet your needs!

The Staff from Predictable Surgical Technologies