Level 1 Southern Bellflower - Radiant Orchid SafeMask® Master Series Earloop Mask - 50/Box (2054)

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  • Southern Bellflower - Deep Lavender
  • Level 1 masks offer the comfort, fit and protection you’ve come to expect from SafeMask® with the added benefit of vibrant color to brighten your daily routine
  • A beautiful line of masks inspired by Augusta’s striking scenery
  • Designed in an array of unique and vibrant colors so that your mask is as personalized as the dental care you provide
  • Versatile for daily use
  • Offers the optimal balance of protection and breathability
  • Unique shingle pleat design to prevent fluid pooling and cross contamination
  • Non-woven inner layer for superior protection
  • Fluid resistant to help reduce potential exposure of the wearer to blood and bodily fluid