26 Fr. Shiley™ Nasopharyngeal Airway - 10/Box

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  • Provides patent airway for suctioning and bronchoscopy
  • Designed to obtain an airway when obstructions maybe present
  • The nasopharyngeal tube features:
    • Serrations inside airway for smooth passage of catheter
    • Size markingson flange for quick, easy identification while in patient
    • Thin-wall construction with large inside diameter for easy acceptance of maximum size catheter
  • It’s also designed to:
    • Accurately direct the catheter
    • Provide a direct route to the trachea
    • Possibly reduce the chance of introducing oropharyngeal flora into the trachea by preventing the catheter from contacting the nasopharynx
  • Soft materialfor patient comfort
  • Provides an exterior finish for nongrabbing insertion
  • Shields and protects patient’s nasopharyngeal mucosa from adverse effects ofrepeated catheter passage
  • May help minimize coughing and gagging reflex during suctioning