Predicta Bioactive Core in Flowable White Shade - 5mL Syringe (S600)

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  • Dual-Cure Composite for Core Build-Ups and Post Cementations
  • Optimized for placement in teeth that require core build-ups, with or without posts, prior to the prepping, impressioning, fabrication, and cementation of a crown
  • Is bioactive and releases calcium and phosphate ions and releases and recharges fluoride ions to stimulate mineral apatite formation and remineralization at the material-tooth interface
  • Dual-cure for unlimited depth of cure
  • Zirconia added to improve the prepping experience
  • Indicated for core build-ups and as a post cement
  • Strong and stable support for crowns made of zirconia, porcelain, PFM and metal


  • (1) 5 ml (9.25 g) syringe
  • (10) 17-gauge Dispensing Tips
  • (10) 19-gauge Dispensing Tips