CryoDose TA Topical Anesthetic Mist in 115mL Can - 12/Case

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  • Non-toxic topical anesthetic spray that is a clinical and therapeutic equivalent to hazardous ethyl chloride – for use on skin, minor open wounds & intact oral mucous membranes
  • Temporarily controls pain associated with injections, starting IVs, venipuncture, minor surgical procedures, and minor athletic injuries
    • Safer alternative to ethyl chloride
    • FDA clearance as “substantially equivalent” to ethyl chloride
    • Dosage, use, effect, duration are identical
    • More uses: FDA indications includes minor open wounds
    • HAZMAT-free
    • Non-flammable
    • No exceptional inhalation risks
    • Available in Mist Spray or Medium Stream
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Clinical & therapeutic equivalent to ethyl chloride
  • Identical ingredients as Pain Ease®
  • Non-HAZMAT
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxic – no inhalation precautions